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what we do

Built to Ride

Quirk Cycles produce unique hand-crafted frames for road, gravel, cyclocross, and track - the joy of the ride is in everything we do. Each frame is inspired by it's rider and their intended journey; a singular expression in steel and carbon.

 Quirk Cycles in Dolomites

how we do it

Making it Well

For us quality starts at home and this is why we hand build all our frames in our North London workshop. Manufacturing has gradually moved out of the UK but having the opportunity to see and hold the thing we're making cannot be substituted.


Miles of Experience

Designed to perform, Quirk Cycles works to produce bikes that are built to be ridden far and hard. Working closely with our customers, we produce frames that are up to a task, be it racing in the closed-circuits of city criteriums, grinding it through the mud of the local CX league, or racing 4000km across Europe, Quirk works.

Award Winning

We work hard here at Quirk and the reward is seeing our frames perform for dedicated riders all over the world, and when that work is awarded, it's all the sweeter. In the past year we were lucky enough to pick up three awards at Bespoked, the UK Handbuilt Bicycle Show. These were "Outstanding New Framebuilder", "Outstanding Design Award", and "The Brooks Choice."


What are people saying

Quirk bikes are impressive not only for their beautiful fillets (easily some of the best at Bespoked this year), but also for their colorful paint schemes, proving to be a young builder watch
— Anna Schwinn
Quirk Cycles also stood out for us taking home three awards, including “Outstanding New Framebuilder”, “Outstanding Design Award” and “The Brooks Choice”.
— The Headset Press
Outstanding Design!
— Velocitygirl