Built to Ride

Obvious isn’t it? A bike is built to be ridden - it’s whole purpose is to carry you off on your two wheeled adventures - but it’s not that simple is it? You and we both know a bike isn’t just eight tubes and two wheels and a pair of legs! Oh no, the bike is all about experience.

Look at our bikes and what do you see? Really concentrate, follow each tube and study how they flow into one another. See how they carefully distribute the weight between the wheels, look at how the paint gently picks up on this flow. Now imagine yourself riding one down your favourite descent, close your eyes and really picture it. Reach out and grab the bars and feel how the bike leans and turns under you with just the slightest encouragement. Without even thinking this bike knows what to do and where to go, just like it was a part of you that you never knew you were missing.


This is the only bike you will ever want.


Our Bikes


Endurance Road


All-Road Gravel


Adventure Gravel


We offer three models to help you with your adventures - each a versatile, multi-surface machine. Each model has been inspired, designed and ridden in some of the toughest most demanding ultra-cycling events in the world, using these experiences to develop the best bikes you will ride.

All our frames are designed, manufactured and assembled in our East London workshop. Using innovative modern steels we build, by hand, matchless bicycles for your needs.


Featured Builds