Where dreams are made

We love riding our bikes - it’s what brings us joy - but you know what we like to do when we’re not riding our bikes? It’s looking at them and that’s because every single one of them is off-the-chain HAWT! It might not make you faster but you will be miles ahead of the pack.

To take the hard part out of deciding what paint to choose we’ve put our heads down and poured out some amazing designs for you to choose from. This way you can spend more time getting excited over your new bike.

Below are our designs in our 2019 colourways. There’s a lot to choose from but if got your own design that’s keeping you awake at night no problem, we can do full custom too.

All our finishes are handled by the excellent Cole Coatings Workshop.



Timeless and iconic, Kinder blends our love of block colours with deep lustrous paints. Included as standard on all our frames.


SCOUT - £150

Simple but effective, Scout takes the striking front/back split of Kinder and introduces a fade transition on the downtube.


KASSITE - £200

Our classic two-tone fade reimagined with a dynamic paint speckle across the front of the bike.


PEREVAL - £360

A dazzling patched colour block design mixing shimmering metallics and bold flat colours highlighted in parts with splatter paint.


NANT - £400

A top/bottom split design showcasing strong block colour against Cole Coatings Workshop in-house marble effect. This design will truly set you above the pack.



Got your own design or want something truly unique? We can help you imagine it and put it to paper. Get in touch to discuss.


Extras and Upgrades

painted stem.jpg

Painted Hardware Bundle - £200

We’ll paint three additional pieces of hardware to match the bike’s finish. The hardware will be painted in any one of the colours used in the bike’s colour scheme. They don’t all have to be the same colour and they will be single colour. Pick from stem, bars, seatpost + pump.


Matte/Satin Clearcoat Finish - £150

In order to get the best matte finish we paint the bike as normal, sealing with a gloss clear. We do this as a gloss clear guarantees the most durable finish possible. We then matte over the top of the gloss achieving a perfect matte.


Additional Protective Flow Coat - £150

Want your finish to be more robust but want the lustre and depth of our wet finishes? This is the option for you! We apply an extra application of clear coat sealing that gorgeous paint for a lasting finish.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 18.32.28.png

Personal Logo or Detail - From £30

Make your bike truly yours and show people what makes you tick. In the past people have marked their bikes for many reasons from remembering a loved one to motivation to get up the next climb. What do you hold dear? Chat to us for design ideas and inspiration.


Super Tough Rubble Finish - £160

If you want the toughest most durable finish then look no further than CCW’s Rubble finish. As tough as powder coating, this will take anything you can through at it. Available as an upgrade in any of the Kinder schemes.