Andrew's Speedbird Disc Road

Andrew has been a long time friend of Quirk Cycles and had been keen to get his hands on one for just as long. The day finally came and we set about building him a super slick classic Disc Road.

The starting point was simple, he wanted something light quick and understated. The design was left to us but the paint was all Andrew. This is one of those super subtle finishes that you have to really see up close to appreciate.

Andrew was obsessed with aviation growing up so the paint scheme takes inspiration from the ‘speedbird’ emblem depicting a bird in flight - used in the British Airways livery and a nod to his late mother who flew with the airline. The main paint is a classic Land Rover colour called ‘monogram nightshade’ - a very dark blue metallic.

The layout and colour scheme are based on the BOAC aircraft; the main body of the frame is a BLMC colour, 'Monogram Nightshade' which is a blue so dark, it reads as black. The Quirk branding sits in that deep blue, almost hidden in a Process Black. You have to tilt your head and catch the light to see it. Super hard to capture in photos. The iconic 'Speedbird' graphic sits proudly on top of the signal white fork.

All in all, this is a clean, classy, black and white bike with a story.

  • Custom Quirk Cycles frame painted by Cole Coatings
  • Columbus Futura Disc Fork
  • Ultegra 6800 group with Hydro Brakes
  • Hunt Aero Light Disc Wheels 
  • Deda Zero100 finishing kit
  • Columbus headset
  • Fabric Carbon Scoop Saddle

Photos by Nikoo Hamzavi.