Quirk Works

Inspired by some of the toughest most demanding endurance cycling events in the world, every one of our bikes starts with an aim that drives our design process. We ride and test our bikes in these unforgiving events so we can continue to develop and improve our designs based on real-world demands. We then take this experience so we can work closely with our customers and build the best bikes for the job whether that’s riding along forgotten gravel roads; climbing cols in the Italian Alps; or racing ultra-endurance events across the world, we can always say Quirk Works.

Each frame is made by hand, one at a time.
we’re not trying to make the most bikes, we’re trying to make the best bikes.

Italian Columbus Steel

We strive to use the best materials available and for this reason we use Columbus steel tubes. Having spent decades in the cycle industry, Columbus have developed some of the most advanced steel alloys available. Using their own unique drawing processes, all Columbus tubes are made seamlessly via cold-drawn methods. Not only does this guarantee the strongest possible tubes with no seams to weaken, it also ensures a consistent molecular grain structure to the steel improving the tubes weldability and strength.


It’s all about balance…

What makes the difference between a good bike and an awesome bike? It’s balance, and when we sit down to design, balance is in the forefront of our minds. But why is this so important?

Remember when you started learning to ride a bike; the anticipation and nerves, the butterflies in your stomach? This was all done in the quest to find balance but not only that - to make the act of balancing melt away without needing to think about it. That life changing moment when the ‘thinking’ just became the ‘doing’ is the feeling we aim to capture with every bike we make and we achieve this through fit.

Often people talk about bike fit like getting measured up for a bespoke suit, but this misses the point. Bike fit is not so much about unique measurements, instead we should think of it as finding perfect weight distribution. A bike that feels bad to ride is because it does not place the rider in the right place, so instead of the bike melting away, it fights with the rider. Handling is not just about head angles and trail; a bike that handles well is a bike that is balanced because the riders weight is in the right place.


Award Winning

We work hard here at Quirk and the reward is seeing our frames perform for dedicated riders all over the world, and when that work is awarded, it's all the sweeter. In the past we have been lucky enough to pick up awards at Bespoked, the UK Handbuilt Bicycle Show. These include “The Technical Excellence Award”, "Outstanding New Framebuilder", "Outstanding Design Award", and "The Brooks Choice."