Mac's Stainless Lugged, Carbon Tubed Climber

When Mac first approached us he wanted a mean road bike that would make it up the hills like a mountain goat and induce confidence on the descents. Not only that he wanted something that would last in the corrosive salty air of his native Australia. Simple enough brief but what makes a bike good a climbing? We set out to make what would be a light and powerful bike, this is what we came up with.

Initially the bike was to be a full XCR stainless build but after some experiments with carbon tubes we asked Mac if this is something he'd be interested in. What he said next is music to every frame builders ears, 'I just want you to make the best possible bike you can.' Right you are Mac!

We worked with Bentley Components who machined the stainless lugs for us to a precise diameter. In order to get a strong bond between the steel and carbon a gap is needed but too much or too little will form a weak join. Masterfully done we mated the lugs to a Columbus XCR rear end for their great ride quality and stiffness. 

The colours come from a very special moment of home for Mac, his favourite beer Melbourne Bitter. We splashed these over the stainless lugs leaving the carbon tubes raw and the BB and chainstays bead blasted so that we wouldn't get any nasty paint chips near the drivetrain.

The letters on the seat tube are the names of Mac and his two children, Sam and Ada which, curiously, forms a word square that can be read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. That’s inspiration to keep riding, more so than a frosty schooner of MB afterwards.

A mix of SRAM components rounds out the build: Force with a Red crankset, saving 200g on the total weight. A Hunt Carbon 30 wheelset keeps everything rolling, controlled by a Deda Superzero cockpit and topped with a Brooks C13 saddle.

Photos by Nikoo Hamzavi.