Joe's Marbled Mamtor

Joe was one of our first customers to ask for our previous All-Road model but with bigger clearances so he could fit wider 40mm tyres. Previously we had been designing our road bikes to fit up to 32mm and then Gravel bikes to take the larger tyres but the geometries between the two were quite different. Like Joe, more and more customers started asking to fit bigger tyres but still have great road handling characteristics, so we obliged and so was the birth of our GRoad bike, the Mamtor.

Taking the strengths of road geometry and then tweaking it to handle well in the dirt we were keen to keep the geometry road focussed while being dirt capable. Longer chainstays, along with a slightly lower BB keeps the bike planted while a slightly more relaxed trail lengthens the wheelbase for stable handling. The tube diameters stay the same, but we thicken up the wall thickness to handle the bigger shocks we can expect off-road.

With the geometry taken care of all we had to do was design the paint. Easier said than done and in this case a long process of many designs. Eventually though we designed this awesome job that takes Cole Coatings Workshop marble affect and applies it in a front to back fade, the inspiration of which came from a unforgettable trip to the Serengeti, where Joe was able to see lions in their natural habitat. The red marble represents the blood and sinew of a fresh kill, delicious.

  • Custom Quirk Cycles frame painted by Cole Coatings Workshop

  • Columbus Life tubing

  • Columbus Futura Gravel Fork

  • Shimano Ultegra groupset

  • Zipp SL controls

  • Chris King Headset

Photos by Nikoo Hamzavi