Hugo's Fast Road

When we get ask to build a bike the conversation normally goes one of two ways, either we got a detailed layout of what sort of bike they want or we're given an idea and allowed to run with it. For Hugo, it was the latter. The brief was simple, he wanted a fast road bike that looks good, the rest was up to us.

The frame is built around a Columbus HSS front triangle married to a MAX rear end. The choice of oversized tubes was deliberate to maintain stiffness in a larger frame while keeping the ride smooth. The front end gets crowned with the latest Columbus Futura fork to tie it all together.

The real jewel in the crown on this build is the paint, like the frame Cole Coatings were given complete freedom with the design, the inspiration? The Northern Lights. A Nordic skyline trails across the frame replete with mountains, fir trees, night sky and of course the aurora borealis. 

To cap it all off 56mm carbon wheels from Parcours personalised with Hugo's company logo, Huez

Photos by Nikoo Hamzavi.