Roger's Long Distance Fixed Disc

Roger originally approached me because he wanted to have an extra set of water bottle bosses on one of his frames as he always ran out of water on his rides. Regularly notching over 100 miles in the middle of nowhere meant that refill's were few and far between. Instead we started with three sets of water bottle bosses and built a bike around it! Roger is one of those rare riders who does all distances fixed, 48x16 being his go to gear, 48x21 on the big hills. With this in mind his bike needed to have the best endurance geometry plus the added benefit of a disc brake to save the knees on the long descents. This machine is built to go the distance! Phil Wood double fixed track hub sits in the rear while Paul Components FHUB Disk take up the front, both laced the H+Son Archetypes. Enve provides the forks and cockpit to smooth out the road and eat up the miles, while a superbly comfortable SMP Dynamic takes care of all day comfort. Not one for following others, Roger always rides with bullhorns. This is a man that has found his niche. What better way to finish off such a unique ride than with two tones of chameleon paint. 

Photos by Nikoo Hamzavi.